James Thornton Harris is an independent historian, essayist and journalist. He began his career as a daily newspaper reporter and worked at The Sacramento Bee, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the Santa Cruz Sentinel and The Ukiah Daily Journal. He is a regular contributor to the History News Network and his work has appeared in many publications including Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, Heirs, New West and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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Identity and the Politics of Resentment

California: State of Resistance

How The Blue Wall Crumbled

Woodrow Wilson and the World He Made

Looking at World War 1 With a Contemporary Lens

When Mexico Feared U.S. Immigrants

How Charlottesville, S.C., Whitewashed its History of Slavery

Who Qualifies as a Founding Father?

What do North Korea and Colonial Virginia Have in Common?

Spain Banished Its Franco Monuments, Can We Do the Same for Lee?

It’s Been 398 Years since the Arrival of Kidnapped Blacks in America – And Still We Haven’t Come to Terms with It

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“Winston,” the Musical Will Hit Broadway in 2018

Prediction for 2018: New Year’s Eve Predictions are always interesting, in part because they are reveal the prognosticator’s reactions to recent events but also because people are naturally interested in what they’ll be facing in the next 12 months. I

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